The 14000W POWER PACK is a power system that can supply up to 14000 Watt of additional power to your 14000W generator only.
It is simply an auxil-iary battery pack for the 14000W generator.
When more power is needed you can connect multiple power packs together to give you as much power as you need. They simply plug right into the 14000W generator with the power cable that comes with the unit (6 ft long cable).
Connect as many as you like.
The 14000W Power Pack can be easily wheeled from room to room or outdoors over rough terrain, is used in residential and commercial.

The 14000W Power Pack Specifications:

T14000W power pack consists of Four 12 Volt DC 225 Amp deep cycle sealed lead acid internal batteries pack capacity of 900 Amp hours that stores elec-tricity.
Electronic battery level meter display.
All parts are CE and UL certified.

Warranty: 12 months.
Weight: 400 LBs (182 Kg).
Dimensions: 20” x 36” x 36”
Cable: 2 meters long power cord (6 ft long cable)

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