Wind Technology at work for you


We have converted wind energy it into power to charge our portable fuel FREE generators. Our company gives the customer a practical and affordable way to use free energy.

Making Wind Power become a reality in Making Renewable Energy an Easy and Safe Choice. We produce a complete line of small to mid-sized, electric generators and wind turbines. The only manufacturer in the world to offer a complete user friendly power system from capturing the wind energy converting it into electricity, storing it into a user friendly PORTABLE generator, then having the end user just plug in whatever they want to use the free energy they captured. This is an excellent alternative to a windmill. Now homes, farms, schools, businesses and even municipalities can pro-duce their own power cost-effectively, leading the way for the new genera-tion of clean energy. The 1000W whirlybird designed to be used to charge our generator line. Multiple whirlybirds can be plugged into the same generator to increase the charge time dual bearing whirlybird for long life.

1000 Watts Whirlybird Kit Specifications:

36” whirlybird ventilation system with a charge control and a generator installed is used in residential, commercial and to sell electricity.
No wiring involved just plug it in;
Easy installation just screw it on a roof ;
Start wind speed: 10 Mph - 2.5 Ah
Rated wind speed: 20 Mph - 4.5 Ah
Warranty: 12 months.
Weight: 60Kg (132LB)
Cable: 30 meters long power cord

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