Solar Panel Technology at work for you


We have converted sun energy it into power to charge our portable fuel FREE generators. Our company gives the customer a practical and affordable way to use free energy.

Our Solar Panels are recyclable, CE and UL certified.

No wiring involved, just plug it into the generator and place the panel in the sun.

Up to 4 solar panels could be plugged into any of our fuel FREE generators at one time to decrease the charge time or you can plug in our whirlybirds and solar panels mixed to maximize the sun and wind energy together.

100 Watts Solar Panel Specifications:

Highly efficient mono crystalline cells,
Compact foldable solar charging kit 25 Years warranty,
Multiple panel connections,
100 Watts of power,
6 Amps of current,
Used in residential and commercial,
Charge regulator
7 Amp 12 Volt.

Size open:
Length: 43”,
Width: 24”,
Thick: 1.5”.

Size closed:
Length: 21.7”,
Width: 24”,
Thick: 3”.

Cables: 30 Meters long.
Weight: 25 Lbs. (11.3Kg)

80 Watts Solar Panels

200 Watts Solar Panels

1000 Watts Solar Panels

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