The 14000W Generator is a power sys-tem that can supply up to 14000 Watts of household electricity and is an excellent alternative to a gas or diesel generator, is used in residential and commercial.
It’s quiet and has no fumes, fuel or moving parts, making it safe for indoor use.
This mobile workhorse can also be used indoors and outdoors, operates a wide variety of electronics including communi-cation devices, power tools, full size appliances and more.

The 14000W generator Specifications:

The 14000W generator power system consists of a battery pack that stores electricity, advanced electronics that convert 12 Volts of DC power from the battery pack to household power, an AC power panel that contains two standard outlets, and a DC power panel that is used to operate 12 Volt products.
Combined in a rugged cart, the 1400W generator can be easily wheeled from room to room or outdoors using the electric Drive Control.

Warranty: 12 months.
Weight: 520 LBs (208 Kg).
Dimensions: 23”x18”x30” (58x45x75cm)

Built in transfer switch,
14000 Watts of power,
Noise and pollution free Maintenance free,
Clean, safe, reliable, silent power.
Environment safe.
Safe for all medical devices and sensitive electronics.
Renewable energy source, Fully portable power source.
Boost cycle lets you boost start a vehicle with the cables supplied 5000 Watts inverter.
Built in transfer switch.
Link circuit lets you connect 2 or more generators together to multiply the power.
An extra 14000W Power Pack will double the power
Example: (1 generator has 900 Amps of power, connect another one with the supplied cable by simply plugging one end to the link plug in on the first generator and the other end into the 2nd generator and now you have 900 Amps of power and all your run times will be doubled).
50 Amp AC battery charger.
4 x 12 Volt 225 Amp deep cycle sealed lead acid batteries.
High surge protection and automatic over-temperature and overload shutdown.
Low voltage alarm and shutdown prevents deep battery discharge.
Digital display confirms charge level, power consumption, if transfer switch is active, AC charge, and AC voltage output.
High power 12 V DC connector.
Two three-prong AC outlets.
Auto walk system (Electric Drive Control).
Renewable energy source plug in for the optional whirlybird.
Wind generator or the solar charge kit.
12Volt DC plug in for charging the generator from any vehicle or RV with the supplied cigarette lighter cord.
Operates 120Volt AC or 12 V DC products any where 220 V AC optional.
All parts are CE and UL certified.

Emergency power: Operates essential appliances such as a fridge, cord-less and cell phone, radio, fan, lamp, home security system, microwave, sump pump and more.

Work productivity: Operates power tools such as a drill, belt sander, cir-cular saw and more; powers communication devices such as a laptop, desktop, monitor, printer, fax machine and more.

Indoor and outdoor recreation: Operates a TV, blender, video game console, portable cooler, coffee maker and more.

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